What is

Octonion is the best IoT software platform that meets today's and tomorrow's clients requests for an end-to-end solution, from the embedded layer to the cloud-based services.

It is fast.

Octonion’s expertise allows clients to deploy a connected project in 6 months as opposed to the 18 to 24 months currently needed with most other platforms. This has been proven with large launches for big-name sports brands such as Everlast, Babolat, and Rossignol.

It is modular.

The Octonion platform is probably the only truly end-to-end offering currently on the market.
And because each layer of the platform is device-agnostic and compatible with any hosting solution, it allows customers to address any vertical or horizontal use-cases, develop, and operate their own IoT solution.

It is user-centric.

Today, most IoT projects are currently focused on machine-to-cloud scenarios without human interaction.
Octonion brings a user-centric perspective – in the design of interfaces that provide an unparalleled experience to the end-user on various platforms (iOS, Android, Tablet, PC…).


How does it

Octonion provides all you need to build, extend and manage a connected product business by providing of fully tested software modules (application bricks). Customers can use these modules to write entirely new applications or extend the functionality of existing application for IoT uses cases.

Data collection

Octonion offers modules to enabling real time data streaming from your smart devices to time-series data storage in a few.

In depth analytics

Octonion provides access to extensive real-time streaming analytics for performing tier 1 features such as calculation, threshold triggers, escalation or even geofence filtration.

Rules management

Rules management wizard provides easy creation of actions associated to individual or group of devices for speeding up business innovation.

Device management

From device identity to software management, Octonion provides industry standard modules to enable remote control of conected devices.


Prevent and block unauthorized access to protect your business with purpose built security using Octonion's carrier grade platform modules. This includes access security using Device Identity Management, OAuth 2.0 and SSL encryption; application security including multi-factor authentication, strict database separation for privacy matters and audit logging.


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Rules management
Device management


We're confident the Octonion is the best end-to-end IoT platform currently out there!

It's scalable and robust, but most importantly, it's already been industrialized with big-name brands.

With the PIQ products, brands such as Everlast, Babolat, and Rossignol use the Octonion platform and deal with millions of data points everyday.

Proven track record

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Faster implementation

Modular approach



Proven track record

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