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See how Octonion Machine Intelligence help you premium after-sales and operational maintenance services.

  • Improve equipment uptime
  • Reduce maintenance costs
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  • “We use Octonion’s Machine Intelligence to provide a forecast of our pump’s health status. We identified Octonion as a valuable technology that we can leverage to provide direct information at the factory floor.”

    Water Pump Manufacturer
  • “Octonion Edge AI engine coupled with ST’s STM32 MCUs allows any industrial organization to reduce its maintenance cost and downtime by easing and accelerating implementation of predictive-maintenance solutions with real-time machine-health monitoring on all STM32 build-in systems or on ultra-low power MCUs,”

    EMEA Marketing & Application VP, STMicroelectronics.
  • “Octonion’s Machine Intelligence allows us to identify through the Machine Health, the most critical machines among a constellation of identical machines in order to organize our maintenance operations efficiently.”

    Automotive manufacturer