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Intelligence Portal

Self-care system for Industrial IoT products powered by Edge AI

One-stop-shop to calibrate, evaluate and deploy AI solutions
Intelligence Portal is the guided user interface for:
  • Monitoring and forecasting machine and fleet health
  • Managing AI application throughout the industrial ecosystem
  • Visualizing intelligent analysis and KPIs for detailed insights
  • Optimizing diagnostics by providing real context for alerts
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Setup Machine Intelligence

Setup workspaces to manage a variety of devices via shared intelligence. Utilize AI to benchmark patterns and anomalies automatically for later monitoring.

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Monitor State and Health Changes

Visualize results and track the changes to machine health and performance on a detailed timeline. Provide further context into the database to optimize the predictive abilites of the AI.

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Optimize and Scale Solution

Expand machine intelligence onto the whole system through shared intelligence managment. Optimize AI quality and predictive abilities through the growing database.

Octonion AI Lab

Device-to-cloud solution for customizing AI application

Speed up AI model customization by 50%
Octonion AI Lab is the AI personalization GUI for:
  • Customizing Octonion intelligence for particular equipment
  • Advancing the AI models automatically via machine learning
  • Improving the machine intelligence and existing ecosystem fit
  • Ensuring the desired quality of AI outcomes for machines
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Customize like an Expert

Use your domain knowledge to quickly calibrate Octonion Machine Intelligence to the specific use case and equipment type.

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Optimize AI Quality

Experiment with various modifiable parameters of the AI pipeline to reach the target quality for any of your equipment.

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No-Code Fine Tuning

Your engineering team can manage the entire process of AI personalization and optimization of product creation processes.

AI Lab Overview

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AI Lab Overview

A web application that helps to create an Edge AI Model suitable for the given customer use case.

Recorder Application

A Raspberry PI based application, which collects data from the device and delivers it to the cloud for further exploration inside AI Lab application.

Embedded Lab Application

A firmware binary for a target device that intended to grab sensor data and transfer it to the Recorder Application. 

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