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Smart farming

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the agriculture industry and enabling farmers to contend with the enormous challenges they face. The industry must overcome increasing water shortages, limited availability of lands, and the difficulty to manage costs, while meeting the increasing consumption needs of a growing global population.

By tying together different sensors, connected devices, and farming facilities, Octonion streamlines the development of smart farming systems. The Platform can be used for a wide range of Smart farming usecases: smart metering devices, livestock trackers, resources mapping, farming produce analytics solutions, drone and sensors based solutions.

Octonion delivers all the modules necessary to operate on its own an IoT Smart Farming solution.

Key features

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Water and fertilizer saving

User ID validation

User data analytics


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Unlimited IoT use-cases

There is truly no limit to the number of industries the Internet of Things will revolutionize in the coming months and years.
Discover here the established use-cases that the Octonion platform is serving. If you're willing to blaze the trail in your own industry,
use these use-cases as pointers to what the Octonion platform is capable of doing.

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Start playing with this sandbox version of the IoT platform. You'll get to play with different bricks we have
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