Solutions for
Smart goods

The household appliance sector is changing fundamentally. Domestically, the trend is towards efficient multifunctional appliances, while internationally further opportunities are opening up for white goods manufacturers.There's also a revolution in modern white goods as the industry moves from its electromechanical roots to electronic control, using semiconductor ICs to boost the intelligence of these appliances.

In white goods, the human-machine interface (HMI) is a key factor in customer satisfaction. No matter the appliance's level of operational sophistication, the HMI must be very effective and can make or break market success, since it is the product's"face" that the user sees.

Octonion's vision is to place back the user at the heart of all IoT projects and the platform has been architectured with this focus in mind. Thanks to the Octonion platform, any white good manufacturer can build his IoT solution with this user centric approach.

Key features

Product recognition

Business logic

Connection with 3rd parties

User ID validation

User data analytics

AI pattern recognition

Parental control management

Ticketing customer support

Unlimited IoT use-cases

There is truly no limit to the number of industries the Internet of Things will revolutionize in the coming months and years.
Discover here the established use-cases that the Octonion platform is serving. If you're willing to blaze the trail in your own industry,
use these use-cases as pointers to what the Octonion platform is capable of doing.

See for yourself

Start playing with this sandbox version of the IoT platform. You'll get to play with different bricks we have
ready for your connected project.