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Smart home

The Internet of Things is set to disrupt the way we live. Smart homes filled with connected products are loaded with possibilities to make our lives easier, more convenient, and more comfortable. From smart thermostats and intelligent smoke detectors to robot vacuums and connected espresso machines, the smart home Internet of Things marketplace has grown dramatically in recent years as the cost of adding connectivity to products falls.

The Octonion platform has IoT device security in place since the security risks of an IoT system can increase with the number of IoT devices deployed. This IoT-devices diversity also increases the vast variety of communication mechanisms. The Octonion platform serves as an abstraction and translation framework that makes interaction possible across systems and protocol boundaries.

Key features

Remote control

Automatic/ manual management

Energy optimization

Sign-on management

User data analytics


App rating and review

Ticketing customer support

Unlimited IoT use-cases

There is truly no limit to the number of industries the Internet of Things will revolutionize in the coming months and years.
Discover here the established use-cases that the Octonion platform is serving. If you're willing to blaze the trail in your own industry,
use these use-cases as pointers to what the Octonion platform is capable of doing.

See for yourself

Start playing with this sandbox version of the IoT platform. You'll get to play with different bricks we have
ready for your connected project.