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The big question on the minds of retailers and consumer-facing brands is how to apply IoT in ways that will resonate with customers so that they actually are compelled to adopt them. The intent of these initiatives is to forge new drivers for loyalty and customer interaction, as well as sustainable ways to differentiate, to engage, to stay relevant. With the rapid growth of online shopping, retailers are also very keen to bring the frictionless customer experience of online shopping into the store wherever they can. They want access to the same type of rich data and high-performance analytics that retailers use to drive websites and mobile shopping trips. Their goal is to have that same limitless control to craft a customer experience and collect detailed data to help them predict how customers will shop.

The differentiation with IoT will come from a retailer’s ability to sense, understand and act on IoT data with analytics. It won’t be in the technology, the devices or the IoT plumbing. To take advantage of this new promising area, retailers should focus on IoT applications that better serve customers and create value.

The Octonion Platform has been built with this user centric approach. Octonion collects all that information and creates dashboards and analytics to know better your visitors, their habits and interests.

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There is truly no limit to the number of industries the Internet of Things will revolutionize in the coming months and years.
Discover here the established use-cases that the Octonion platform is serving. If you're willing to blaze the trail in your own industry,
use these use-cases as pointers to what the Octonion platform is capable of doing.

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