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Success Stories

Self-care system with Edge AI to monitor Machine Health

Edge AI engine securely brings self-diagnosis to inside the equipment through the continuous transformation of physical sensor data into knowledge about equipment’s health and performance.

Machine Sensing

Diagnose Equipment in Real-Time

Get full visibility on equipment operation and usage patterns with real-time, on-premise data.

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Detect machine states with self-learning capabilities

Get real-time visibility into operation and typical states of equipment. Let your machine continuously self-learn without human supervision.

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Detect unwanted states and anomalies

By calibrating the Edge AI on the typical equipment operation, diagnose any abnormal behavior, and identify assets that require your attention.

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Assess key machine metrics and analyze their trends

Evaluate key metrics that reflect the overall mechanical machine condition in real-time.

Machine Health

Forecast Health of Industrial IoT Equipment

Recognize future equipment faults at an early stage. Reduce on-site visits and prevent unplanned downtime by knowing when to intervene.

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View real-time machine health

Understand the global health status of each machine and take control over your assets with a real-time machine-health diagnosis

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Track machine health history and trends

Track changes in equipment health to detect the issue before it negatively impacts production.

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Forecast machine lifecycle

Forecast Machine Health and key machine metrics of each asset to proactively predict equipment failure.

Actions Engine

Empower Autonomous Self-Care

Enable equipment autonomy and reduce response time by converting business logic into equipment-level actions.

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Trigger alerts and actions on premise

Be notified of destructive changes in machine health and its behavior. Apply advanced business logic to the machine data to drive fully automated actions.

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Integrate with third party systems

Incorporate Octonion actions engine into your existing value chain to drive full automation.

Shared Intelligence

Intelligence Across the Whole Fleet

Enrich the knowledge about specific industrial equipment by augmenting intelligence across the fleet of machines. Reduce the need for human service and on-site support for qualified fleet management.

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Knowledge database for accurate diagnosis

Build a knowledge database of machine states and issues. Leverage experience from a range of assets to describe behavioral model for a given equipment type.

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Share intelligence between a range of connected machines

Perform continuous learning of possible equipment conditions from multiple machines and accumulate them to the shared AI model. Exchange intelligence automatically with a range of assets ensuring that each machine has complete expertise locally.

Tailored to Your Needs

Quickly evaluate and customize machine intelligence to your specific equipment and ecosystem using a set of ready-to-use tools.

    • Personalize to your machine

      Use Octonion AI Lab to customize intelligence for a particular equipment to ensure the desired quality of intelligence outcomes.

      • Device-to-cloud solution for dataset management
      • A preset of ready-to-use Edge AI pipelines
      • No coding AI customization of Edge AI and Machine Health
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    • Evaluate in real-life conditions

      Use Octonion Intelligence kit for fast evaluation of machine intelligence in real-life conditions.

      • Real-time visualization of Machine Health and historical analytics
      • Recognition of industrial equipment states and detection of anomalies
      • Learning of equipment conditions from multiple machines and accumulating knowledge in the shared AI mod
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    • Build IoT solutions for predictive maintenance

      Integrate Octonion Intelligence technology assets in your Industrial IoT solution.

      • At the Edge, Octonion is easy to integrate into existing equipment thanks to out-of-box compatibility with Cortex-M microcontrollers. The Embedded Engine SDK gives the possibility to customize the Edge AI Engine and integrate into the final solution.
      • Octonion provides a containerized architecture that seamlessly integrates into existing microservice-friendly applications.
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    Product Use Cases

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    Machine Self-Care

    Ensure reliability and track health
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    Maintenance Optimization

    Reduce costs and improve efficiency
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    Digital Transformation

    Digitalize assets effectively

    Business Use Cases

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    Product Differentiation

    Enhance product abilities to stand out
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    Introduce value-added services
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    Enable innovation by handling the hassle

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