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Sport and Fitness

Technological advancements within the Internet of Things have given us a slew of super-smart ways to improve the way we practice and play — to give us an edge on game day. There are now all kinds of objects, devices, and apps that help us track our performance, monitor our progress, and enable us to improve and exceed our goals.

With the Octonion platform, you can automatically collect data from virtually any sensors and smart sporting gear, then analyze it and visualize on mobile devices, thus delivering end-to-end training solutions. As a modular and scalable platform, Octonion enables any IoT use cases around sport (from Sport wearables to connected Stadiums).

Key features

Motion recognition

Data history

In cloud data storage

Real time analysis

User data analytics


App rating and review

Ticketing customer support

Unlimited IoT use-cases

There is truly no limit to the number of industries the Internet of Things will revolutionize in the coming months and years.
Discover here the established use-cases that the Octonion platform is serving. If you're willing to blaze the trail in your own industry,
use these use-cases as pointers to what the Octonion platform is capable of doing.

See for yourself

Start playing with this sandbox version of the IoT platform. You'll get to play with different bricks we have
ready for your connected project.