• Transform industrial maintenance
    through the power of equipment data

    Generate future revenue streams, optimize maintenance processes and
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Introducing Octonion self-care system for Industrial IIoT products

Launch premium after-sales and operational maintenance services with Octonion machine intelligence. Enable machine self-care at the Edge, diagnose any abnormal behavior and get an accurate representation of Machine Health.


Number one solution for industrial equipment monitoring

  • Ready on Day 1

    You can start monitoring equipment in minutes. Octonion’s Edge AI Engine operates in unsupervised mode and continuously analyzes equipment behavior. Machine states and issues are discovered even if it has never been seen nor reproduced before.

  • Cost-effective equipment care

    By analyzing the data from mass-market sensors directly on the low-cost microcontrollers, Octonion helps to reduce operational costs needed for infrastructure support and cloud storage.

  • Machine Health to anticipate degradation

    Octonion provides a real-time wearing indicator of the machine based on its mechanical state to avoid unplanned downtime.

  • Privacy by design

    Octonion’s autonomous Edge AI engine continuously builds an AI model at the machine level without sending sensors data outside of the factory floor, thereby bringing privacy and security by design.

  • Simplification of fleet diagnosis

    Octonion enables knowledge distribution between similar machines by bringing the global AI model with all known states and anomalies to simplify the fleet diagnosis and increase operational efficiency.

Key benefits for industrial manufacturers

Up to50%

Improve equipment uptime

By anticipating when assets may fail and identifying patterns connected to systemic problems.

Up to30%

Reduce maintenance costs

By enabling machine self-inspection and reducing human intervention.

Up to100%

Boost customer satisfaction

By providing advanced equipment monitoring and predictive services.

Build, validate and industrialize intelligence at the Edge

Easily evaluate Octonion machine intelligence and customize to your equipment using a set of ready-to-use tools. Make general AI work for your industrial space.


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